Arrillion: The Answer

We are a minority-owned and operated software consultancy firm.

With decades of experience in building and running startups, we understand the challenges that all business owners run into:

  • How can you reach your customers?
  • How do you find the tools that will drive your business?
  • How will I know if my investments are having an impact?

We can help you answer these questions and more, because we’ve answered them for myriad other businesses. We want to help you make the easy stuff easy, so you can channel your energy on the real challenges, and get back to the critical task of growing your business.

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Project Professionals

Arrillion was born from a partnership of professionals whose entire careers were built around taking an idea and making it a reality. We’ve built everything from websites and software to the hardware required to run that software. 

We run on Lean Principles, and our projects follow an Agile approach to ensure an efficient organization of work and cross-team communication to deliver the highest quality product, on-time, to our customers.


Security Is Paramount

With many of our projects originating from the healthcare industry, we understand how to protect sensitive data. 

We have a strong focus on hardening the products we build to protect your business, and the data of your customers.

When a product requires storage of sensitive data, or transmission of any data across networks, we utilize the strongest encryption methods available and thoroughly review our software and hardware products to ensure your systems are protected against compromise or accidental misuse of data.

Working Together Works Wonders

While our team has tried and true methods of operating internally, we want to ensure our customers have visibility into our progress and the opportunity to speak up when something changes, or isn’t working.

At several points throughout the build process, we will hold User Acceptance Testing to ensure the product is meeting your needs and operating in the nature it was expected to. 

We want our customers involved in every level of the process they’re willing to participate, so we know the product you receive is the product you asked for. To that end, we can interface our working methods with any Project Management style your business prefers, and ensure to bring along you with us as we dig into the task you’ve given us.



Community Comes First

Every industry is a small world. We want our customers to know that even when our work is complete, the partnership doesn’t end there.

We will set you up for success, but we won’t abandon you. As a standard part of our agreements, we provide ongoing support and services for our products.

We want to be the neighbor you reach out to when you need help. We’ve got the tools you need. And if we don’t, we’ll build them.

Got a project? Give us a call!